College Laundry Service FAQ

1. Why do I need NOLA Laundry Services?

Most colleges have laundry rooms but they are tiny and you always have to wait in line and hope the machines aren’t broken. Also, there is the headache of watching over your laundry to make sure your stuff is not stolen or thrown on the floor because someone needed the washer or dryer. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Think about all the money you will save by not having to pay for expensive laundry products, purchase a laundry basket, purchase a drying rack, or any other laundry items. You would never have to see the school laundry room again. Our laundry service provides peace of mind and time for doing more important things like studying, exercising, serving, and building community.

2. Where do you wash my clothes?

NOLA Laundry Services uses a state of the art laundry facility fully equipped with high efficiency commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers. Click here to view our facility.

3. Who washes my clothes and how are they cleaned?

NOLA Laundry Services hires and trains all of their staff members to specifically wash, dry and fold your clothes in a professional manner. Each staff member receives extensive hands on training to ensure your clothes are sorted, washed, dried and folded better than you could do them yourself. Our standard procedures are to sort and separate your laundry between light colors and dark colors. They are always washed in cold water and dried on a medium or permanent press setting.

4. What products do you use to wash my clothes?

NOLA Laundry Services uses only commercial laundry products that have been industry tested. The laundry detergents we use are engineered to clean your clothes without any harsh or abrasive chemicals. NOTE: We never use chlorine bleach unless you specifically request it for your whites on your Inventory Sheet. Not only is chlorine bleach toxic, it can easily damage colored clothing and is why we never use it unless instructed otherwise by you.

5. Does NOLA Laundry Services provide ironing services?

Our dry cleaning services can clean and iron your clothing and would be a separate charge and is not included in the laundry service packages. Drying times and temperatures are closely monitored to ensure that your clothes are removed and folded to minimize wrinkling.  Note:  some natural wrinkling may occur depending on the type of garment, the humidity, and outside temperature.

6. When will my clean laundry be ready?

Your laundry will be ready in 48 hours or less depending on when we pick up your laundry.

7. What other services does NOLA Laundry Services provide?

NOLA Laundry Services provides Dry Cleaning, Professional Laundry, Alterations, and Commercial Linen Services.

8. What is the Inventory / Special Instruction Sheet used for? 

To ensure a 100% accurate count for your clothes, we recommend that you download an Inventory / Special Instruction Sheet for your dirty clothes.  Also, if you need items hung dry, washed separately, etc., please fill out the Special Instructions section to notify us of your needs or concerns with any clothing. If you have multiple items that need hand washing or air drying, please put them in a separate bag inside our laundry bag. Click here for the inventory sheet.

9. What happens if I forget to drop off on my scheduled day?

If you forget to drop off your laundry on your scheduled day at your residence hall, you will have to bring it to us at our Warren office as soon as you can to so you can get back on schedule. Once you laundry is completed, we will drop it back off to you at your residence hall. Also, if you miss a week of dropping off your laundry, you can drop off twice the next week OR drop off twice the allotted poundage on your laundry plan. Unused drop offs DO NOT carry over from one semester to another semester.

10. How does the pick-up and delivery laundry service work at the Residence Hall?

The pickup and delivery to the Residence Halls is for the Premium Laundry Service packages only.  For the Deluxe Laundry Service Packages, the drop off and pickup location will be at our store located in the Warren Residence where we share office space with Mail Services.  Inside the Residence Halls, there are laundry service signs located in the lobby area or study lounges/kitchens (Aron) that designate your drop off day. On your drop off day, place your dirty laundry bag under our laundry service sign before 10:00 am and we will return it back to the same location in 48 hours. If you forget to put your laundry bag out, you will have to bring your dirty laundry bag to our Warren Residence office and we will deliver it back to your residence hall once it is completed.

11. What if I’m not happy with NOLA Laundry Services?

If you are not happy with the results, we will gladly re-clean your clothes for free or issue you a pro-rated refund minus any services used and administrative fees. If you have a question or concern, please e-mail us.

12. What if you damage or lose an item of clothing?

We take the utmost care in the processing of your laundry and video record your laundry from start to finish for up to 4 weeks. This video helps track the items that were dropped off, who processed the laundry, the laundry products used and if there was any negligence involved. Please click this link to see our terms and conditions.