Dry Cleaning

  • We strive to return your clothes in “LIKE NEW” condition.
  • That means stains removed, pressed properly, packaged smartly, and ON TIME.
  • Due to our demanding standards and quality control efforts, you may find our prices are slightly higher than the competition.
  • You and your clothes deserve the best…don’t settle for average.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur” – Red Adair

Professional Dry Cleaning / Wet Cleaning


Pants / Slacks


Shirts / Blouses


Sport Coats




Comforters (Plain / Full)

Evening Dress / Gown

Leather Garments

$6.95 & up

$6.95 & up

$6.95 & up

$7.95 & up

$9.95 & up

$11.99 & up

$11.99 & up

$14.99 & up

$19.99 & up

$21.99 & up

$39.99 & up

Five (5) Star Laundry Service

Wash, Dry & FoldLaundry Service $2.50 per/lb
(10 lb min)

Professional Laundry

Shirts / Blouses

Denim / Heavy Shirts


Shirts / Blouses (x-sml / xlrg)


Pants / Jeans

Chef / Lab Coats

$3.95 & up

$4.95 & up

$5.95 & up

$6.95 & up

$9.95 & up

$7.49 & up

$8.95 & up

Professional Alterations

Alter Pants Hem

Alter Pants Waist

Replace Pants Zipper

Alter Pants Hem w/Cuff

Replace Dress Zipper

Replace Jacket Zipper

Patch and Sew Hole

Replace Button

$16.99 & up

$16.99 & up

$16.99 & up

$18.99 & up

$21.99 & up

$21.99 & up

$4.99 & up

$2.99 & up


Note:  The prices above are for plain items only and are subject to change at any time.  Additional charges will be added to the final invoice for special services, delivery services, materials or conditions such as folded shirts, military creases, silk, linen, down, feathers, cashmere, angora, fur trim, leather trim, beads, stones, sequins, pleats, metallic trim, embroidery, whites, lined items, rush service, heavyweight items, velour, velvet, corduroy, heavily soiled, mildew, mold, etc.

Account Authorization

Please fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form to start the process of setting up your dry cleaning account.  After you have filled it out the credit card form, please email it back to us at cleanerama@gmail.com.  After we have received your completed form, you are now ready to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning at your convenience without the hassle or worry with payment.

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